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Local man just getting into bourbon thinks he can walk into store and buy Pappy Van Winkle



FLORENCE, KENTUCKY – After reading about the recent popularity of bourbon in a Men’s Journal article, new bourbon enthusiast Tim Snyder is convinced he can just walk in to a liquor store and buy Pappy Van Winkle right off the shelf. “I started reading this article about bourbon and how they have all these different flavors and ages,” Snyder said. “I have a birthday coming up so I figured I’d get something a bit more special than a handle of Beam.” Snyder stated he has his eyes on the Pappy Van Winkle 23-Year Old bourbon. “In the article they had a picture of a whiskey with an old man smoking a cigar on it. That gold label and special bag really caught my eye.”

Snyder says he’ll be heading up to his local liquor store to buy the whiskey tomorrow. “This bourbon looks pretty fancy but I doubt it costs more than fifty bucks.”

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