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War on Flippers

Bourbon flippers travel to Vatican in hopes Pope will bless their bottles to make them more valuable



ROME, ITALY — Several prominent internet bourbon flippers arrived in Rome on Sunday with luggage full of rare whiskey to be blessed by Pope Francis, following news that the Big Papa himself was a major fan of Pappy Van Winkle. Tim Carter, who flew from Nashville, Tennessee with two cases of Weller Special Reserve, said he and others in his group were hopeful they could gain an audience with the Pope to have him bless the whiskey, the novelty of which would surely lead to increased profits online. “Having the Pope sprinkle holy water on each bottle will allow us to compete with other flippers who have started using hand-dipped wax or custom designed stickers to increase their profits.” Carter said. Carter notes that recently, profits have diminished dramatically as the secondary market has become oversaturated with other flippers looking to make a quick buck. “With so many other people joining in on the ‘hunt’, it’s really affected my bottom line. I’m having to line up outside stores a day before or even…” Carter paused, “…the things I’ve done for some of these bottles, just to feed my family.”

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