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Area liquor store announces “Hunger Games” style deathmatch to buy Weller 12-Year



JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – Local liquor store chain Spud’s Liquors announced via Twitter today that twenty-four lucky winners of an online drawing will be eligible to participate in a “Hunger Games” style battle royale for the opportunity to purchase one bottle of Weller 12-Year. The whiskey, which is widely considered the “next best thing to Pappy,” will be offered to the sole survivor for $39.99.  

The deathmatch is scheduled to take place in March at nearby Osceola National Forest, about an hour west of Jacksonville. Contestants will be allowed to bring their own weapons and survival gear or select from weapon and supply caches strategically deposited throughout the forest’s pinelands and swamps. Looking to watch the action? Through an exclusive partnership with Comcast Xfinity, locals will be able to stream the deathmatch live for $9.95 per hour via on-demand services on their cable box.  

Spud’s owner Jeremy Dearborn said this of the contest, “we thought about doing a lottery like most stores, but we want people to actually earn it. We’re excited to see we’ve already had 207 people enter the lottery for a chance to be in the deathmatch for a chance to win an opportunity to buy our Weller 12-Year allocation.”  

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