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Buffalo Trace to offer bottle buyback program in effort to curb secondary market sales



FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY – Speaking at a press conference yesterday, public relations staff from Buffalo Trace announced a new “Bottle Buyback Program” aimed at getting unopened bottles of bourbon off the streets. The program, which seeks to emulate popular gun buyback programs, is meant to address community outrage over secondary market sales of rare whiskey following the 2018 bourbon release season. Gary Stevens, an analyst who tracks bourbon secondary market sales for the firm Tater Spirits Research LLC, reports that only a fraction of the bottles on the secondary market will ever be opened, exposing consumers to further inflated prices with each rare release and possibly even leading to a pandemic. “Our models suggest a 78% probability of triggering a widespread whiskey hoarding crisis in the next year if steps aren’t taken immediately to reduce the volume of bourbon out there on the secondary market.” Stevens said.

The program will implement a “no questions asked” policy towards individuals that bring their whiskey to buyback events and preliminary purchase prices from the program suggest rates slightly above suggested retail pricing. It is reported that the bottles acquired through the program will be destroyed. 

IMAGE SOURCE: Buffalo Trace Distillery Media Kit

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