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Former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan to become new Barton Distillery creative director



BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY – Following a trend of recent celebrity hires by other area distillers, Barton 1792, owned by spirits conglomerate Sazerac Brands, announced Sunday they will be enlisting the help of some “24-inch pythons” aka the arms of Hulk Hogan to help define future releases of Barton’s bourbon product and debut a new rye whiskey. Hogan, a twelve-time world wrestling champion and perhaps the most iconic wrestler in the sport’s history, is expected to start in his new role in February.

Barton communications director Angela Smith confirmed the news in a press statement, “Celebrity collaborations such as Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey or Jim Beam and Mila Kunis have been very successful recently and we feel hiring Hulk Hogan will help increase our brand image positively among the key 25 to 40-year-old white trash male demographic.” Indeed, it has been reported by Professional Wrestling Monthly that “Hulkmaniacs” are reacting positively to the news of Hogan’s hire.

Some of Hogan’s first acts as creative director are reported to include changing every instance of “American” on Barton packaging and media to “Real American,” releasing a rye whiskey called “Brother’s Rye,” and debuting a version of 1792 that has been finished for three months in a barrel containing crushed vitamins.

IMAGE SOURCE: Barton Distillery Media Kit

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