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Liquor Barn ordered to keep farm animals or change name after false advertisement suit



LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY – Judge Timothy Robinson of the Circuit Court of Fayette County handed down a ruling Thursday that will require Kentucky liquor store chain Liquor Barn to start keeping farm animals inside their store or be forced to change their name. The ruling comes after a false advertisement suit which stated that Liquor Barn deliberately misled customers by saying they were a barn when in fact they are just a liquor store. Judge Robinson expressed in his judgement that Liquor Barn will be afforded 30 days to comply or have their business license revoked.

The order does allow some flexibility for Liquor Barn to choose from an array of farm animals including pigs, cows, horses, barn cats, and goats. The store will be required to provide adequate food and supplies for the animals. In a prepared statement, Juan Alvarez, owner of Liquor Barn, decried the ruling, “We are disappointed in the legal system that would rather see our customers browse the store among animal feces than experience a clean, sanitary shopping experience.” It is unclear from the statement whether Liquor Barn will drop the name, opting to use their second business name “Party Mart” or comply with the order.

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