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Wizard Academy changes name to Tater Sorcery School following sommelier program backlash



AUSTIN, TEXAS – Hoping to deflect from recent criticisms and community outcry over their $4,000 2-day whiskey sommelier course, Wizard Academy owners discretely filed a business name change amendment form with the Texas Secretary of State Tuesday morning. Our legal beat reporter Tuck Plowdery reports that the form, which was automatically made public through the state’s website, discloses the company’s new name as Tater Sorcery School and will be made effective immediately. It is unclear where the name “Tater” originates but rumors in the bourbon community suggest it’s an emerging term to describe whiskey connoisseurs that are considered to be the coolest cats in the industry.  

Wizard Academy came under fire this week after an in-depth analysis of their Whiskey Sommelier program by The Whiskey Jug revealed the program to be an elaborate marketing scheme. The certification allows students to pay (upwards of $12,000 to complete all Levels 1-5) to earn a gold medallion that signifies they are a whiskey sommelier having been vetted by precisely zero people of significance in the industry. Ann Barker, who recently completed her Level 3 certification with the school was disheartened by the backlash and negative publicity. “The Whiskey Marketing School at Wizard Academy was the best two-day certification I’ve ever sat through. Having reviewed four bourbons and two scotches during my training there I can officially say I’m a whiskey expert and I know my sommelier certification will have real value in my work as a bartender at American Legion Hall 651.”

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