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Lawrenceburg, KY sues Lawrenceburg, IN for rights to “Runner-Up Bourbon Capital of the World” name



LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA – Documents filed in Dearborn County Circuit Court today revealed that the City of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky is suing the City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana over a dispute involving the nickname “Runner-Up Bourbon Capital of the World.” According to our legal beat reporter Tuck Plowdery, the suit comes after negotiations over the nickname between the two cities fell apart last Friday when the City of Bardstown, Kentucky, the de facto Bourbon Capital of the World, announced it would remain neutral on the matter.

Court observers speculate this will be a nasty court battle as both Lawrenceburgs have a storied history in hosting major distilleries that produce top quality bourbon and neither are content in settling for “Third Place Bourbon Capital of the World.” Perhaps nothing sums up the bitterness of the dispute better than Mayor of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky William Tate’s statement that he “would rather die than see the runner-up title fall into the hands of some Hoosier losers.”

Legal teams for both cities are expected to appear in court for opening arguments later next month.

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