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Fred Minnick’s new Netflix show, Bourbon North, follows him preaching bourbon gospel across Canada



EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – Fred Minnick announced today that his next project will be called Bourbon North, a six-part Netflix documentary that will focus on his attempts to spread the bourbon gospel across Canada. The news follows Minnick’s recent widespread success with endeavors Bourbon+, a print magazine, and Bourbon Up, an Amazon Prime interview show. Minnick says the show will take place in a variety of locations including Regina, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Sunnyvale Trailer Park, and Whitehorse, Yukon.

Show producer, Timothy Greensburg, stated that the series will broach several difficult themes for Canadians and that some controversy is expected, however he hopes it will lead to some productive conversations. “Fred will have a difficult time prying Canadian Club or Alberta Premium from the hands of most Canadians but with his passion for bourbon and smooth-talking Kentucky accent, we’re confident he’ll lead them to the promised land of more full, flavorful whiskey.” Greensburg said.

In the same announcement, Minnick also disclosed future plans for new projects Bourbon High, an open online educational course through Coursera, Bourbon Forward, a progressive, grassroots political movement, and Bourbon Positive, a new whiskey-based medical screening tool. Minnick says that when he put the term “Bourbon” into an online name generator it gave him thirty-three different bourbon-related names so we expect to see a lot more similarly named projects in the coming months.


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