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War on Flippers

Buffalo Trace to release new service medal in War on Flippers



FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY — In a press announcement early today, Buffalo Trace announced it will begin issuing service medals for those serving on the frontlines in the War on Flippers, a nearly five year battle between distillers, bourbon enthusiasts, and bottle profiteers. Buffalo Trace hopes that the medal will be a small consolation for the sacrifices enthusiasts have made in dealing with the distillery’s own issues. “Many good soldiers have fought hard in the War on Flippers through passive aggressive podcast discussions, frustrated tweets, and endless blog spam. We want to see their efforts to help us solve our own problem rewarded. We could deal with it ourselves but we’re currently too flush with cash to be motivated.” said Buffalo Trace spokesman Tom Billings.

The news of course is just the latest development around escalating tensions in the War which has seen over 50,000 potential rare bottle purchase opportunities stripped from enthusiasts due to flippers. Last month, we reported about Buffalo Trace’s bottle buyback program, which emulated popular gun buyback programs to get black market bottles off the streets. Flippers, seemingly unfazed by the program, reacted by traveling to the Vatican to have their bottles blessed by the Pope, hoping to further increase their secondary value.

The campaign medal will be awarded to active service members and veterans of the War who fought in one of three established campaign phases:

  • Phase I: A New Tater (Jan 2013 – Sep 2015)
  • Phase 2: The Secondary Market Strikes Back (Sep 2015 – Jan 2019)
  • Phase 3: Return of the Sane (Jan 2019 – Present)

Veterans who were deployed during multiple phases are eligible to wear multiple buffalo awards affixed to the ribbon of the medal. To receive your medal award image, please send Bourbon Weekly an email or simply steal the image from this post.

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