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Local whiskey club to skip barrel selection, will just sell the sticker instead



NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — The Music City Spirits Society announced today that it plans to skip its upcoming private barrel selection of Buffalo Trace, opting instead to focus its time and budget on designing the custom sticker that would have otherwise adorned each bottle. The news, which was detailed in a private Facebook group post, stated that “rising graphic design and printing costs” along with “wanting to outdo every other club’s custom sticker” were the major factors in their decision.

We reached out to group admin and club president Danny Ramirez, who said he feels that most of the club members were supportive of the decision. “We found that most of our members were not particularly interested in the whiskey and were instead more concerned about what the sticker would look like. Everyone has tasted Buffalo Trace but not everyone has tasted the greatness that comes with owning such a cool private selection sticker.” Ramirez stated.

The group says they will allocate their entire barrel budget of $10,000 to hire graphic design firm Meta Design to hopefully create the “most iconic private selection sticker in existence”. Meta Design, whose major clients include Adidas, Apple, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Walmart and many others, declined to comment on the matter.

The club will begin offering their custom private selection stickers to local members later in the month for $110. Early reports from our bourbon secondary market sources suggest that flippers are already aware of the new custom sticker and will be working tirelessly to get ahold of a few to sell online, likely for $275 each.

Image source: Brett Atlas, @brettatlas on Twitter (used with permission, altered from originals)

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