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Whiskey Tribe to apply for federal recognition, tribal sovereignty



AUSTIN, TEXAS — Whiskey Tribe spokesman Ron Carlton announced today that the group intends to file for federal recognition and sovereignty under federal law 25 C.F.R. Part 83, Procedures for Federal Acknowledgement of Indian Tribes. Whiskey Tribe, an online community of 15,081 members as of the last Facebook census, is likely to sail through the application process as it already has what appears to be its own constitution and leadership. The Tribe will also declare its 42-acre compound, located 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, as a new federally-recognized reservation with an independent government and court system.

In the same announcement, Carlton confirmed that the first case to appear before the new tribal court will be Whiskey Tribe vs. The Whiskey Jug, a civil suit concerning a recent article and follow-up published on The Whiskey Jug about the Tribe’s major source of revenue, the Whiskey Marketing School. It is unclear if article author Josh Peters will honor the Tribe’s new legal status willingly or be ordered to appear in court by Bureau of Indian Affairs enforcement officials. Mr. Peters declined to comment for this story, saying he will instead just tweet about the situation aggressively for a couple days.

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