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Bourbon Weekly was started in 1935 shortly after Prohibition during a secret meeting between Julian Van Winkle, James Beam, Jeremiah Beam, and Issac Bernheim. These pioneers of bourbon were looking for a way to get the word about their distilleries following the thirteen year dry spell which had decimated the previously booming American whiskey industry.

Starting from humble beginnings then as a local Kentucky newsletter until now as an online newspaper, Bourbon Weekly has grown to become the number one source for breaking fake news and in-depth coverage regarding American Whiskey with over 8.9 million subscribers and counting. We have won numerous media awards including the prestigious Gold Medal for Journalistic Integrity and Truthfulness from the American Media Association, the Best New WordPress Site of the Hour from (twice, we deleted the site by accident one time), and the Michael Jordan Foundation’s “Try Anything Once” award, awarded annually to an organization that puts forward meaningful effort but makes no real progress much like Michael Jordan’s brief baseball career.

We’re excited to have you, the reader, who more than likely happened upon this site because we blow our entire budget on search engine optimization to make sure we are higher up on Google than everyone else. We hope you enjoy our stories and reviews and most importantly, that you click on ads, buy stuff, or whatever because we want to make money off your presence.


Bourbon Weekly is not a real news organization. The ‘news’ on this site is satire. As such, any article you read here is simply put, untrue. This site is designed for entertainment purposes and is not meant to be taken seriously. If you do take it seriously, we are all going to make fun of you on the internet.

Any names used on this site are purely fictional. In the case of master distillers and famous media personalities related to whiskey, we interpret the law and case precedent to consider these people “limited-purpose public figures” and as such commentary regarding them is protected.

The whiskey reviews on this site are real. They probably suck because we’re not formally trained, just some hobbyists with day jobs. Regardless, assume those are real, sorry.

Bourbon Weekly is not intended for readers under the age of 21.


Our reporters and writers are some of the most reputable, knowledgeable people in the industry. We’re proud to have the following staff with us:

  • Ted Finnick – editor-in-chief, general news, reviews
  • Tuck Plowdery – law and politics, investigative reporting
  • Stu Lyson – entertainment, investigative reporting
  • Michelle Beach – bourbon history, investigative reporting
  • Jade Goodard – tater behavior, craft distiller news


Wouldn’t you like to know? Just kidding. Bourbon Weekly was created by Josh Clark, a meteorologist and wildfire scientist living in Washington state. Josh is an experienced technical/scientific writer, having spent several years crafting witty weather forecasts and publishing scientific articles. He is frequently featured as a state expert on wildfire and weather/climate interactions with fire and has appeared in numerous regional media (e.g., NPR, KING 5 Seattle, KOMO 4 Seattle, The Seattle Times, The Spokesman Review) but usually only when stuff is on fire. Josh is an Air Force (2008 – 2014) and Afghanistan veteran (2010 – 2011), frequent napper, and proud dad of two beautiful cats. Most importantly (and relevant, unlike all the other shit just listed), Josh is a native Kentuckian, born and raised in Louisville. He’s also bigly into the whiskey, but hopefully that’s obvious from the site.


We mentioned above that the reviews on this site likely suck, but if you’re really into reading them, you should know a few things.

Grading: We rank the whiskies we review on a 0 to 5 scale with a 3.0 being about average. We only grade on sensibles (nose, taste, finish) and value (uniqueness, price, how good it tastes relative to the price). Occasionally you’ll see a good tasting whiskey that is terribly overpriced resulting in a pretty significant markdown. We believe whiskey should be affordable and tasty and will grade according to any deviations from that.

Photos: The featured image of each bottle was taken using a lightbox then resized in Photoshop. The only correction applied to the image is for white balance. The colors should be very close to what they look like in real-life.

User Reviews: Please submit your own review to the site! You can do this by adding your review at the bottom of each review post.


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